Sku: CH3-004MF
Channel 3 Records

Hecho En Hyrule by Mariachi Entertainment System!

In celebration of Zelda’s 35th anniversary, Hecho En Hyrule covers the band's 10 favorite Zelda songs across the series, all reimagined and crafted in classic Mariachi fashion. 

Hecho En Hyrule is presented on 180g Mexican Flag colored vinyl and Tequila colored vinyl, a heavy stock embossed jacket, and a printed inner sleeve.

MES is:
David Ortiz
Alina “D00MSDAY” Mallén
Robert Sabo
Eric “El Chicles” Cervera
Eric “El Lechero” García
Jesus “Chuy” Guerra
Alana Urbano
Sean “All Business” Rodriguez

Cover Art: Luis Pinto

Original Compositions: Koji Kondo

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