Sku: CH3-001B
Channel 3 Records

CH3-001: Double Dragon I & II

Original NES Soundtracks. Gold and Blue variants are scheduled to arrive to Channel 3 by May 13th. The Red variant is expect to arrive by the first week of June.

Relive the classic music of Double Dragon I & II, presented together on a single 1LP release!

This feature-rich release boasts the following amenities:

  • 180gram vinyl
  • 3 color variants (Billy Edition Blue, Jimmy Edition Red, Double Dragon Gold)
  • Heavyweight gatefold jacket with recreated artwork and game description.
  • A premium slipcover, double-side printed with gold foil dragons and gold-lined interior
  • A wearable, color-variant-coordinated headband, sporting the Japanese title-screen text

Album artwork created by Gonzolo Ordoñez
Slipcover artwork by Channel 3 Records
Produced by Channel 3 Records
Composed by Kazunaka Yamane
©Arc System Works

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