Sku: CH3-011
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Defenders of Eastwood by niftyneatclub.

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Defenders of Eastwood is a fictional 2-player co-op 2D side scrolling brawler. Composer niftyneatclub created the concept for this fictional game, complete with a storyline, list of playable characters, collection of story-essential NPCs, levels, usable weapons, and usable item list. Using this concept as a means of inspiration, niftyneatclub has created a vibrant, upbeat, chippy synth soundtrack that breathes life into an otherwise nonexistent video game.

To further bring identity to this fictional game, artist Carles Dalmau (Cult of the Lamb) lent his talents to create the front jacket art, drawing inspiration from the concept that niftyneatclub created. The art features the main 3 characters (Rory, Link, and Scotia the dog), as well as elements of stages and items from the game's concept. 

The release is strictly limited to 150 units, featuring a UV spot gloss jacket, and comes on vibrant pink with multicolor splatter disc.

The soundtrack draws parallels to Anamanaguchi, boasting chiptune mixed with modern, high-tempo flair. The tracklisting is:

Side A:
Welcome To Eastwood
Bad Judgement
Formal Response
Fighting Words
Capitalism Apocalypse
Bloc Party
To the Park!
Scotia's Theme

Side B:
Roads of Anger
Splish Splash
Mall Brawl
Going Downtown
The End?